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Grafik: Freimut Koch

Favela Cultural

To meet the fascinating afrobrasilian culture of Brasil.

The Favela Cultural offers once a month an intense encounter with the fascinating afrobrasilian culture of Brazil.

With concerts, performances, talks, movies, dance & percussion the diversity of this country will be demonstrated - with its infectious joie de vivre.

Idea & concept & moderation:
Ivan Vasconcellos - dance educator, ethnologist

Freimut Koch

  • Concerts & Performances
  • Dance & Percussion
  • Talks & Movies & Documentaries
  • Dance classes for everyone - Afrobrasil Dance and Samba do Brasil
  • Brazilian Snacks and Tanzbrasil-Caipirinha

  • Following concerts have been performed:

    Os Compositores do Samba
    (The composers of the Samba)

    We are proud to announce that we could get Lygia Campos - which voice! - und LennArt Seydewitz for the start of the Favela Cultural. They magnetise the audience with their interpretation of the songs of well known brazilian composers.
    © Lygia Campos
    Lygia Campos
    © Yakup Zeyrek
    LennArt Seydewitz
    Ritmo & Raíz
    (Rhythm & Roots)

    The brazilian percussionist Gilson de Assis demonstrates many facets and roots of the brazilian rhythms. When he shows his marvellous Body-Percussion he involves the audience and everyone can get a very close experience of rhythm.
    © Yakup Zeyrek
    Gilson de Assis
    (bras. Rhythmus)

    The drummers of Encontro under the conductance of Klaus Urban fascinated the audience with their impressive performances of Maracatu-Grooves for over 20 years.
    Powerful Drums!
    © Encontro
    Grupo Encontro
    A Arte do Violao
    (The art of the guitar)

    Ahmed El-Salamouny is a highly gifted musician and is today considered one of the top artists of brazlilian guitar music. He demonstrates the brazilian music in its entirety and its diversity with rhythms like Samba, Bossa Nova, Baião, and Chôro.
    ©Ahmed El-Salamouny
    Ahmed El-Salamouny
    Os Blocos Afros
    (The Blocos Afros)

    The Blocos Afro were founded in the frame of the self-discovery of the black people in Salvador da Bahia. They developed the Samba-Reggae with its powerful rhythms. Tinga Bispo as the long-standing head of the percussion division of the well known Afro bloco "Malê Debalê" demonstrates this mixture of Samba und Reggae - Percussion pure!

    Tinga Bispo
    Candomblé - Dance & Music of the deities

    They are called Oxalá and Oxossi, Ogum and Omolu, Xango and Yansa. There is Nana, Oxum, Oxumaré and several more. They are "orixás", deities of african origin.
    Every »orixá« has his own rythm, his own music, his own dance.
    When Ivan Vasconcellos and Gilson de Assis deal together with this subject, an exciting performance will be garanteed!
    © Nomi Baumgartl
    Ivan Vasconcellos
    © Yakup Zeyrek
    Gilson de Assis

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