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Presentation & Performance I

By Ivan & Grupo Brasil Ethno

Bahia Negra

To meet the fascinating afrobrasilian cultureTanzbrasil would like to offer you a performance with the topic "Bahia Negra".

The group Ivan & Brasil Ethno spans an arc from the dances and songs of the Candomblé all the way to yesterday's and today's afrobrasilian music with its explosive, expression-rich rhythms and powerful elements. Intensified by the adoption of visual materials and requisites this topic can be experienced in the new event form of a "presentation performance". The audience is included into the activities.

Bahia is Brazil's soul.

In this northeastern state, even more than in the rest of the country, cultural traditions and races mingled and what emerged was exactly what makes Brazil: A conglomerate of people, religions, and mysticism. People are known for their joie de vivre, their joy in making music and in dancing, and their strong relatedness to African traditions.

The power of the drums brings hearts out of beat - the gods dance!

With song and accompanying percussion as well as with rich visualizations the following topics are presented under the conductorship of Ivan Vasoncellos:

Foto: Tanzbrasil-Archiv
  • History and backgrounds of the colonial era
  • The slavery in Brazil
  • The African roots
  • Candomblé - dance and music of the deities
  • Afrobrazilian identity
  • The power of the drums
  • Afoxés & Blocos Afros & Samba Reggae
  • Music from Dorival Caymmi to Carlinhos Brown
  • Emergence of the largest street carnival of the world
  • Bahia Negra - Contry & people and their celebrations

Foto: Stefan Zweili, © Tanzbrasil

Instructor & lecturer:
Ivan Vaconcellos is a contemporary dancer, choreographer, dance educator, and ethnologist deeply rooted in his afrobrasilian culture. After his education in the Escola do Teatro Municipal - INEART in Rio de Janeiro he studied in the Mudra School in Brussels, mainly with M. Béjart, in whose company he also danced.

Later he acted in Switzerland and Germany. He gives presentations about afrobrasilian culture and guides cultural dance journeys to Salvador da Bahia. In addition he is the executive of Tanzbrasil - Workshops & Performance.

Grafik: F. Koch, © Tanzbrasil


Production & lecture:   Ivan Vasconcellos
Dancer, choreographer, dance educator and ethnologist
Singing: Geny Ramos
Brazilian singer, Grupo Kitambo
Percussion: Gilson de Assis
Musician, music teacher for afro brazilian rhythms
Lennart Seydewitz
contemporary brazilian music
Media: Freimut Koch

Candomblé - Dance and music of the deities

They are called Oxalá and Oxossi, Ogum and Omolu, Xango and Yansa. There is Nana, Oxum, Oxumaré and several more.
They are "orixás", deities, deified ancestors of man, supernatural beings mediating between the highest creator god Olurum and ourselves. They are the lords of the head: "ori" (the head), "xa" (the lord). They incorporate the powers of nature, but also interfere with social, societal, and personal circumstances, and transfer cosmic energy to man, each of these "orixás" possesses a personal rhythm, an own musical theme, and a personal dance.

These dances, rhythms, and songs are presented by the dancer, choreographer and ethnologist Ivan Vasconcellos in his new concept "Candomblé - Dance and music of the deities". By the support of professional musicians and singers and the usage of numerous visual materials and requisites, illustrations by Carybé and photographs by Pierre Verger this topic can be experienced in the form of an impressive lecture-performance.

Foto: Stefan Zweili, © Tanzbrasil
The project is supported by the "Kulturreferat" (cultural department) of the city of Munich. Performances occur among other occasions within the frame of the "Brasilianische Kulturtage" (Brazilian Culture Days) in Zurich and in the exhibition "Black gods in exile" of the "Staatliche Museum für Völkerkunde" (state museum of ethnology) in Munich.

Grafik: F. Koch, © Tanzbrasil


Production & Dancing: Ivan Vasconcellos
Dancer, choreographer, dance educator and ethnologist
Percussion: Gilson de Assis
Musician and music educator for afrobrasilian rhythms
André "Tinga"
Mestre de Percussão Bloco Afro Malê de Balê, Salvador da Bahia
Media: Freimut Koch

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